New Conference, Classroom and Office Facilities

Thanks to the support of several  funders, and the commitment of a dedicated team of volunteers,   Sutton Leisure and Sports  are proud to announce that superb new conference, classroom and office facilities have been developed at their centre. A portable unit  has also been brought onto site and is functioning as a new learning/classroom.  

12 months ago 2 rooms within the main building of the Centre  stood semi derelict. Though they ware  partly functional, they  were drab and run down

The process of bringing the rooms back to life started when volunteers cleared the rooms of all unwanted junk and then undertook a full and though redecoration to the  two rooms. An old pavilion was demolished and replaced with the  portable classroom unit – that is now used to deliver a “Boost Project” (for details of this project visit

Having restored the 2 rooms funding was secured from the Youth opportunity Fund to allow us to purchase 8 lap top computers, big screen TV, and other ICT equipment.

We also secured a grant from Kingston Communications to allow us to provide internet connections for the first 2 years of operating the computers

The final instalment of funding came from the Big Lottery Awards for All, who provided us with a grant for  £10,000 that has enabled us to purchase new conference, class room and office furniture.

So what for the future – The facilities are very well used by the Children that attend the Sutton Leisure and Sports youth club, Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme, and The Boost Project. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

We want to fully maximise the use of these facilities and would like to create new learning opportunities for the whole community. Planning is at an advanced stage for creating a combined “Learn and Play” project that is aimed at enticing people to learn new skills whist undertaking sport and leisure activities at the Sutton Leisure and sports centre.  Further updates will be posted on our website in due course.

If you are interested in using these or any of the clubs facilities and services please contact us



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