We have approximately 0.8 Sq hectares of ground that are maintained to a high standard by the Hull City Councils grounds maintenance team .

The grounds are used for multi-sports activities, outdoor events and leisure activities  that are supported with a wide range of sports equipment outdoor furniture and games.

Portable Classroom unit

The latest edition to our facilities is a portable classroom unit.  It’s used 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday by  “The Boost Project”, details of which can be found at :

We are currently working up proposals to develop the areas around the unit so as to create a patio area (check out our news area).

The unit is approximately 40m2 in an L shaped layout that can accommodate 15/20  20 people.

The unit is available for hire on evenings and weekends at £10 per hour.


Kitchen Facilities are available to enable catering support services for activities such as conferences, children’s parties, meetings and events.

Car Park – up to 20 spaces

Ancillary facilities

Ladies and Gents toilets

Storage Room (approx 10m x 10m).

Conference Facilities

2 Vacant rooms have been renovated to create;

  1. A high quality facility that is suitable for conferences, learning and meetings

  1. A fully functional office

Conference Room

1. Size - approximately 12 meters x 5

  1. 2.The room has a choice of layout

Layout 1 – “Conference” includes  

•Conference table with bespoke power and computer points, leather and chrome chairs (seats up to 15 people)   

•42inch Flat Screen TV that can be linked into a laptop

•10 Laptop computers (with internet connections and printer)

Layout 2 –  “Classroom” includes

•Individual chairs with slide over resting plates  (up to 20 people)   

•42inch screen that can be linked into a laptop

•Front desks

Office Space

•4 Curved Desks – with bespoke drawers and laptop computers (internet connections and printer)

•3 filing cabinets

•Meeting Table and Chairs

  1. Photo Copier

Support Facilities


•Ladies and gents toilets

•Storage room

•Car parking for up to 20 cars

•Portable Classroom unit

2010 Hire Rates

Conference, classroom. meeting and office facilities

Conference room (inc use of computer equipment)     £15 per Hour

Portable Class room                                                     £10 per hour

Office                                                                           £5 per hour


£10 per hour

(includes use of sport equipment, garden furniture games and equipment as required)

Sports coach

£20 per hour

The Sutton Leisure and Sports facilities are available for hire for activities such as conferences, children’s parties, meetings and events.

The facilities hire can be tailored to meet your specific needs i.e. a conference could have a buffet lunch provided and delegates could use the snooker facilities during lunch times.

For details of block hire bookings or to inspect the facilities and how they can work for you please contact us to discuss requirements, arrange a site inspection and determine all costings.

Sutton Leisure and Sports for snooker, conference, learning, sports, events and community facilities.

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